Sunday, March 7, 2010

Delicacy of Jaipuri Paan: I'm Lovin' It

Paanwallahs have gone pro nowdays. This is how a Rs. 40 paan is given to a paan loving customer:

You don't buy a paan. You earn it.
And anyone interested in buying paan online, click here. Enjoy !!!


Madhu said...

first timer here..:) Wowiez! This one is well written.My mom loves her dose of pan after every heavy meal..:) I just nibble the cherry that comes with it..:P:D

P.S i am following u.

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Just came across your blog :) It's nice :)
i don't really like pan! :p

Chinmaya Dave said...

@Madhu: Thanks.......

@Wink: Thanks.... and, hey, try Jaipuri paan... you will love it too !!

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