Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inter-college quiz and me.

For those who know about the inter-college quiz of Tarangini 2010, here is my experience. And those who don’t, well……… read on.

I always yearned to write about the only significant extra-curricular activity I did in my engineering. It has been one month since the ‘event’ took place, but the experience was, rather unanticipated, in almost every sense.

Things started by organizing the screening in the college itself. Thanks to Prateek Sharma, a junior, for doing a great job in preparing the screening paper.  He organized a lot of things, which might not look important, but matter as much as the ‘big thing’ itself. He gave the screening paper to me and Raghvendra, and we reviewed it later.

The next day, the screening was held. For 45 minutes, 160+ students, in pairs, exercised their brains, which must have rusted, thanks to the rote-learning patterns of engineering. With 25 objective questions, and 15 questions in a crossword, we ensured that those 45 minutes were pure fun.

A day later, the screening results were put up on the notice board. 2 teams selected from the college.

Now the real challenge was to prepare the main quiz. Now everyone has seen quizzes. Remember those BQCs, school quizzes etc. Our aim was to innovate the standard pattern. No buzzers, no rapid-fires. And thus began the 4 day marathon effort to prepare the final presentation. Now, even we also don’t remember the number of websites visited, wikis questioned or pics downloaded during those 4 days. 5 rounds. 50 questions. Things worked out (and so our brains), and we did it without the last rush. Phew !!!

At last, the moment came to organize the final event. 2 other engineering colleges were also invited, making a total of 6 teams. As expected, problems occurred. Without going into much detail, all I can say is that if you want to see the event management at its worst, then you are most welcome to Govt. Engg. College, Ajmer. After a hour of hustle-bustle, finally we started. The response from the teachers and the students was the same as expected – BAD !!! The worst part was that the event was organized in a classroom, and not on the main stage.

Still, we did what we intended to, i.e. organize the event successfully. With Rs. 2100 as first prize, and Rs. 1100 as second prize, the winners were too joyful. Whoever saw the quiz, or came to know about it, gave positive reviews. At last, the job was done.

Overall event rating: 6 out of 10. Fair.

This post will be incomplete if I don’t mention the names of few helpful bastards. Here I go:
1.Raghvendra Sharma – This post will be too long if I write about him. In every sense awesome. Thank you Raghu bhaiya. 
2. Prateek Sharma – For his indispensible help and suggestions, right from the beginning to the last moment (returning the last mic to the electric man), and hosting the quiz. Thanks dude !!!
3. Anuj Mehra – For his poor jokes, his late arrivals at my room, and noticing all the nice girls present in the quiz. And for some serious stuff too. No need to say thanks to him (Because if I do, he will screw me for the rest of my life. :D ). 
4. Manush Pareek – The future diplomat, for hosting the quiz, and helpful suggestions. Thanks a lot dear. 
5. Pankaj and Mithlesh – It would be senseless if I write their names separately. Thanks to both, for their water and food supply services, jokes worse than those of Anuj. We know the rest. : )

Here's the link to a very informative and a great video showed to the audience before the quiz:

Thanks !!!!


Nipun said...

Where is my name..
The winner..


Chinmaya Dave said...

@Nipun: Sorry dear.......

Hey everyone, Mr. Nipun Mittal, the super guy won the inter-college quiz.... and won Rs. 1050 (his share). So please take party from this miser baniya....

Madhu said...

hey that reminds me of my college and the quiz shows we used to take part in..:) Not that we won any prizes!

@nipun: Hidden talent eh?

Lalit said...

Thumbs up!

Chinmaya Dave said...

@Madhu: Quiz shows are always fun..... I too will remember this after few years...... thnx !!

Chinmaya Dave said...

@Lalit: Thnx dear !!!

prateepkumar said...

Really nice dude-->u should consider making a nice book of this(seriously) [:)]

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