Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My perception towards Ajmer - Part I

I've seen Ajmer unlike anyone. In this city of Khwaja and govt. offices, I have had experiences much varied in terms of learning about life and nearly everything else.

I hope that I could write something better in this series 'My perception towards Ajmer', and share my thoughts and life experiences. I don't know exactly from where should I start, but still, here I go.....

About a year ago, while returning back to my room from college, I met a guy from MCA in the college bus. He was from Delhi, so naturally was sulking about the shit he had to face here. When problems are same, people talk more easily. After some formal introduction, we, unsurprisingly, started comparing Kota (common birthplace) and Ajmer. What struck me was the way in which he explained as to how Ajmer has been a more or less a ‘political casualty’. There was a time when Ajmer and Kota were comparable.

The term ‘political casualty’ forced me to think. Yeah…. He was right. Ajmer might be a city with historical importance, but there is nothing more here than Dargah, Mayo and Pushkar. Geographically, it is surrounded with Aravalis, and this restricts any further cultural or commercial development. But what is ‘political’ about all this?

To be continued…… in part II.


Nipun said...

dude work on the grammar part..
Some lines are indecipherable.
BTW a vce series to go with.
Waiting for part 2..



Chinmaya Dave said...

@ Nipun:

Thanks for the advice.
I will surely take notice..... atleast read it once and review before posting. This was kinda write and quick post.......

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