Monday, January 25, 2010

Tagged for first time.....

Hmmm..... so this guy, Nipun Mittal, tagged me for the first time.
Can't write much right now, hence I start right away with my answers for this so called Chinese Tag:

8 TV Shows/News Channels I Like To Watch:

  1. MTV Wassup !! - MTV.
    2. MTV What The Hack !! - MTV.
      3. Chitrahaar (Yes, it still comes.) - DD National.
        4. Megastructures - Discovery.
          5. Gizmo Freak - UTV.
            6. Samachar Plus - 2100 hrs DD News.
              7. Meaning Paan - 9XM.
                8. Xtreme Machines - Discovery.

8 Places To Eat And Dine:

  1. Kahna - Jaipur.
    2. Pizza Hut.
      3. Mc Donald's.
        4. Tadka - Jaipur.
          5. Swami Bakery - Ajmer (Yeah... a surprise entry. I know).
            6. Chokhi Dhani - Jaipur.
              7. Bake Hut - Jaipur.
                8. My home's kitchen - Jaipur.... hehehee.

8 Things I Look Forward To:

  1. Passing my Engineering (OVERSaturated now) - Same for all the engineers.
    2. Get a job in Jaipur.
      3. Know more about myself.
        4. Tell her that it's me.
          5. Conduct an inter-college quiz in my college.
            6. Publish my own book on any one subject from Engineering (Please don't laugh).
              7. Get Oracle certification.
                8. Tell everyone I care about, that how much I love them.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

Shit !!! Have to answer that.

  1. Facebook. Actually, it happens everyday.
    2. Read that crap about Data Mining for my exams. Groaned !!!
      3. Listened to "Live your life" by Rihanna umpteen times.
        4. Tried fixing my desktop speakers. Partially successful.
          5. Made tea at 12.30 AM and second one at 5:15 AM. The second one was tasteless.
            6. Read VIII Semester Engineering syllabus. More groans!!!
              7. I took bath. That's one thing which is rare in winters.
                8. Saw my school time pics. Became sad.

8 Things I Love About Winter:

  1. No prizes for guessing. NO BATH (Guess... what's the longest record?).
    2. Eat as much as you can. Doesn't seem to have any side-effect.
      3. No need to wash clothes.
        4. Coffee.
          5. Watching birds while sitting in the sun.
            6. Enjoy chilly winds in the nights.
              7. Less electricity bills.
                8. Less water bills.

8 Things on my Wish-List:

  1. IIM Bangalore.
    2. An Alienware Desktop.
      3. Meet Albert Einstein.
        4. Her.
          5. Read all fiction ever published.
            6. Increase my BMI to 20.
              7. Become lead game tester in EA.
                8. Visit Las Vegas.

8 Things I Am Passionate About:

  1. Gaming (Cover me. Roger that!!).
    2. Reading.
      3. Family.
        4. Technology (Everything from Android to HTML 5.0, the list goes on and on and on...).
          5. Love (In the process of discovery...).
            6. Save nature.
              7. Music.
                8. Hollywood movies.

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:

  1. Oh man!!!
    2. We are screwed.
      3. Ant Shant.
        4. Ultimate.
          5. What the f***.
            6. Shit.
              7. Screw you.
                8. Bhaad mein jaa.

8 Things I Learnt From The Past:

  1. Express yourself (Still learning that).
    2. Open up your mind. Be aware of your surroundings.
      3. This world ain't no heaven.
        4. Experience counts a lot.
          5. Follow omens (The Alchemist).
            6. Every person has some qualities. No one is totally worthless.
              7. Listen to both heart and mind.
                8. Pahla sukh, nirogi kaaya.

8 Places I Would Like To Visit:

  1. Las Vegas (Told earlier also).
    2. Paris.
      3. Vaishno Devi Temple.
        4. Antarctica.
          5. Shamli - A small town in North India.
            6. New York.
              7. Prague.
                8. Frankfurt.

8 Things I Currently Need/Want:

  1. Logout. Stop writing. Take a long sleep.
    2. External hard disk (For both my computer and brain).
      3. My cousin sister.
        4. New pair of sleepers (My room mates broke them).
          5. Washed up and clean clothes.
            6. Someone to take those pigeons out of my bathroom.
              7. A new matka - summers approaching fast!!
                8. Reinstall SQL Server 2005 (Otherwise my project won't work).

8 Blogging Buddies I Want To Tag:

  1. Naman.
    2. SATTU.
      3. Seth Godin.
        4. I.K.Sharma.
          5. ChrisG.
            6. Paulo Coelho.
              7. Jason Bourne. ; )
  8. Myself again.

Exhausting, but extremely satisfying.
Now, I will take a long, long sleep.

Thanks to Nipun Mittal a.k.a 'Nuts'.


Nipun said...

Cool man..
Go and tell her asap.
Listen to ur heart mate or u wil regret that later.
U must tell her once whatever her response may be.
Prague is a gr8 place.
SOme honest ones Mr. Gamer.
Roger that!!



Chinmaya Dave said...


At the same time its funny, sad and ironic that all the 'real' activity on my blog is somehow related with you.

Blogging and writing needs time. Which I don't have much now.

As far as she is concerned, well, I have plans. Still, thanks for the advice.

Hope we keep tagging each other.

Nipun said...

Go on dude!!

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