Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Climate Change And Politics

How climate science is dividing people on political lines?

"Action on climate change is a conspiracy to create a Communist World Government."
                                                                 - Lord Monckton, Hard-Right U.K. Independence Party Leader

One can only laugh at such a statement, given the fact that the Western World tries to act as the flag bearer of the Go-Green campaign. Rather, they should learn from Jairam Ramesh, who denied the Vedanta Project in Orissa, which had some serious environmental concerns. Mr. Ramesh could have cleared the project, gaining back the State Government (which initially approved the project) support and much more.

The situation in Australia is the most critical and deposing for Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, after they have failed to act right on the carbon trade politics, and deferring the climate benefit policies. Australia is one of the World's worst anti-Green nation (with U.S.A ofcourse), and has been hammered a lot by floods, droughts and forest fires. With the change in the political scene, the deniers of climate change are finally accepting the facts, but only due to the political factor, and in their ideology. On the same lines, many European Governments are also facing the heat.

One of the factors of the Obama's successful presidential run was that he understood the crux behind the climate change. When Mr. Bush had already staked too many dollars in the Iraq Oil game, Obama seemed a better choice for the already recessioned Americans.

In Gujarat, Narendra Modi is being praised for running a fully functional Climate Change Deptt. - first of its kind in India. Is the Wild West hearing?

Climate change is a relatively new discovery, and thus will take some time to settle down in our belief system. But we cannot deny the fact that temperatures are rising and oceans are ready to create havoc in near future. Damn those who are denying this, just because their interests take precedence over their beliefs.

Hey, I do remember Copenhagen? :D

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Raghvendra said...

good work yaar and nice topic too!!

Chinmaya Dave said...

@Raghvendra: Thanks !!!! : )

Nipun said...

Which temperature rise are you talking about man??

Copenhagen won't be forgotten anyways..

And its human nature that Interests come over beliefs at tyms..
But vice versa is also true at times..:P



Chinmaya Dave said...

@Nipun: Of course I am talking about the global temperature..... the measurable degree value....

And yes, its human nature that interests come over beliefs, but much more is expected from people who are given the responsibility to run this World. Vice-versa is expected from them.

Cheers !!!

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