Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011: What it means to India?

Alright..... since now we have won and the celebrations have (just) started, the Indian Team Fan can stop bleeding blue a bit now (until the next ODI). We are now number ONE in all formats: T20, ODI and Test Cricket.
All I can say now is: Savor the moment !!! This is a moment that a generation will be proud of (and will 'Like' any FB page saying 'I was alive when....'). A moment that we all were dying for. A moment that is inexpressible !!!

This is Team India for you. A team that was fighting to get the right formation of team members, find its form, and above all win its fans' belief. Self-doubt was always a problem. Will our bowling work or not? What if Sehwag & Sachin don't fire? But what mattered most, in Dhoni's words was, "....gaining the right momentum at the right time". Sachin's dream has finally come true. "It's never too late" said the elated Little Master. 4 players from this country have played 2 World Cup Finals: Sehwag, Sachin, Zaheer and Harbhajan. They faltered in 2003. 2011 wasn't supposed to be a re-telecast.

We Indians have the habit of losing-it-all when it matters the most. This victory gives us a sense of self-belief (as Dhoni had when he came at No. 4) and know what it takes to bring the change. In any game, factors like team work, support from the staff, a brilliant Coach (thanks Gary) etc. - are crucial. This team was not an exception. What we can learn from this dream run are lessons that might become the next MBA classroom discussions. Giving your 100% (Every Men in Blue did it), taking risks (Dhoni), never back down (Yuvraj) - there are plenty of examples now.

The party has just begin for us, and so the gifts and awards for Team India. All we can do now is watch this video which depicts the proudest moment of 1.21 billion people.


P.S: I couldn't celebrate much as I was alone in my flat in Mumbai. Missed friends and family. And.... we won't see any more 'Doosra' from Murali now. : (


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