Saturday, December 5, 2009

My CAT Interview

Test Center - Arya Mgmt. College, Kukas, Jaipur.

1) How many attempts you have made?

Exactly 35 - QA - 11, VA - 13, DI - 11

2) Your last mock score?

76.42 %ile in ProcMock8 

3) How was your experience of the test?

Experience was quite good. No problems with faculty, appointed authorities, technical or whatsoever. Please be on time, and religiously follow all instructions.

4) What was the surprise element for you?

Initially felt sleepy sitting in front of computer for 40 min. 

Surprise: A new type of graph with cumulative dataset. Nothing else.

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

Before starting the exam, be clear what all buttons do.
DO NOT CLICK ON - 1) Quit Test button (in the main area)
2) End review button (in the review section)

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, sections etc.

Whoever said that the paper was very easy was WRONG. 

Section wise analysis:

QA- Average. Those scoring 90+ regular in mock would clear the cut-off easily. PLEASE make sure that you cram up the formulae. Some questions are for 4th grade students. 
I forgot some basic formulae. 

VA- Easy. If you have the accuracy, just go for it. For some it will be a cakewalk. 

DI- Average. Some tricky questions.

7) Any other query or something you would like to share with us.

Many time-speed and progression based questions. Cut-off will be 50+ questions (assuming 95% accuracy).

Maintain your speed. Initially it might seem that the questions are easy, and you have got a lot of time..... but it is not so. 

Be cool. As far as computer is concerned, NO PROBLEMS. 


And, as far as i am concerned....... might make it next time. 


sagar said...

bhai nice blog u've got here..way to go buddy.hope to keep up with ur blog.nd remember Dog's r not afraid of CAT's.

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