Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Lost Contact". And someone changed the settings to "Realistic"

My first blog.

Seriously speaking I really don't know, what to write.
But then, since I have followed a series of steps from switching on my PC, to logging in my blog account, I have to jot down a few words.
Hope this does not get too long.......

Let me start from games. My favorite. And one of the few things I adore.

I still remember my first on the computer - Dangerous Dave (in BLACK AND WHITE !!!! And it matches my surname.).
And thus began a journey of a person who likes games by heart.
Let me name the next few of them:
Classics like Solitaire, Hearts and Prince of Persia on the PC.
On the other hand, the TV, came the invincible Mario, Contra, Turtles....... and the list can go on and on and on............

However the real thing began in 2003........ with the coming of "NFS SE".
The next was CS.
Wasn't enough..........
Call of Duty, NFS Series (many sequels), EA Cricket '05 and '07 (can point out 50+ mistakes), Max Payne (superb storyline)......... and the usual time killers, which can give you hours of casual gaming experience.

Upgraded to superlative stuff........ Ahhhhhhh.......... 
Braid, NFS Carbon, Crysis, World of Goo (no s*** here), World of Warcraft, Burnout Paradise, Left for Dead (those yummy head-shots), Portal, Doom 3, COD Modern Warfare.

"Lost Contact" (gamers do understand what this means. Hear Marcus Fenix in Gears of War) with the real world.

But then someone changed the settings to "Realistic". And the most common and biggest problem was bound to come: HARDWARE UPGRADATION.

And quite suddenly and quietly, ended my journey in the field. 

But, before I end this post (and torturing you with my bad style of writing), I leave a list of some classic games which can run on any computer:

Racing: NFS Most Wanted, TMNF Classic, Burnout Revenge

Action/Mission: Counter Strike, Call of Duty 1, Medal Of Honor, Halo (bow down to Master Chief), Max Payne

Adventure: Harry Potter Series
Strategy: World of Warcraft, Age of Empires
Others: EA Sports games (long list), World of Goo, Gish (you play as a tat ball)

I would also like to post a poem, on my case, and pray to god that future gamers do not meet the same fate as I did.

The poem:

"Death Of A Gamer"

His heart was there
His mind was there
If something wasn't
                         Then it was his hands.

All he wanted
Was the latest specs
He liked it fast
                                  And not a blast from the past

And the world laughed
on the death of a gamer

Nothing is impossible
                             he thought
for once he made a mistake
of wanting the impossible

Where did he go wrong?
His mind, or his wallet?
Still wishing for that last thing
for always he wanted the bling

And the world laughed, yet again
on the death of a gamer.


Finally, I appreciate courage and valor of all those people who read this poem. For its not easy to read the-worst-poem-i-have-ever-read.

Thanks a lot.

P.S: If any of you can still take more s***, feel free to visit later or follow me on TWITTER (ITS A MUST).    


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